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Brian Smiths Story

Having resided in Cape Town since 1969, Brian Smith and his family are well established in the Western Cape area. Brian has had years of national and international travel experience, gaining acute awareness of the high standards demanded by tourists.

Brian is a qualified national tour guide. Proudly South African, he believes that both he and South Africa have an incredible amount to offer vacationers and business tourists alike.

Brian is a successfully retired businessman himself. The years have taken him across the country working with market-leading medical companies and respected medical figures. As much as Brian thrives on the challenge and exhilaration of business, he relishes in entertaining and meeting new and interesting people with his now successful company, 'The Cape Tour.'

"I am pleased to welcome you to our website and would be delighted to welcome you to this incredible country. Our bespoke travel excursions have been designed to allow you the opportunity to experience this country in the most boutique, creative and authentic manner. 

We explore this land through the eyes of people who truly understand the requirements and necessities of unique experience...this is certainly not a 'package tour'...our tours are created with the individual in mind. I look forward to further experiencing this captivating and enchanting country with you."
Brian Smith, CEO, The Cape Tour

"We Strive To Please...Hamba Kahle"
(Xhosa for "Go well, travel safely")